Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bidding now Open!

Steers like this one...
Lot 4 Milkman x Witch Dr.
Current Bid $2500

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tusa Spring Roundup Sale - STEERBIDDER.COM - Opens tonight

Sale Opens tonight at 7PM and closes Tommorrow at 7PM at 
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Friday, March 22, 2013


The Spring Roundup sale will be held online at

The bids will open at 7pm on Monday, March 25 and close at 7pm on Tuesday, March 26. 

To bid you will need to register at steerbidder.com, 
it is easy to do but we encourage you to register now.  
Any Questions about registering call Chris Rosa 641-203-1686.  

All cattle are located at Bart Hutton's Facilities in Boerne, TX.  If you need a calf, call Jacob or Jared. This is a real solid set of calves.

Spring Roundup Sale Ad

Sale Photos - Spring Round up

For More Information: (Sire, Dam, Age, Sale Details, Videos) 

Register to bid at www.steerbidder.com

Spring Roundup Sale - March 26

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All Sale Cattle Photos - High Stakes

Tag 103 Big Jimmy x Maine Char

104 Unstoppable x Maine Angus

Tag 102 Milk Man x Maine Char

Tag 107 Gizmo Son (Kroupa) x Steermaker Donor

Tag 105 Full Moon x Maine Simmi Angus

Tag 108 Milk Man x Maine Angus

Tag 109 Milk Man x Maine Angus

Tag 111 Smiling Bob X Maine Angus

Tag 113 Unstoppable x Maine Angus

Tag 114 Monopoly x Maine Angus

Tag 118 Monopoly x Yellow Jacket

Tag 116 Eye Candy x Maine Angus

Tag 124 Titanium x Hard Core

Tag 137 Ali x Monopoly

Tag 130 Solid Gold 

Tag 14 Heat Wave x He Man Hoo Doo

Tag 141 Solid Gold x Full Throttle

Tag 98 Monopoly x Miss USA

Tag 170 Monopoly x Johnny Walker Red Hoo Doo

Tag 166 Monopoly x Tank Hoo Doo

2013 High Stakes Sale - March 10