Monday, March 29, 2010

Recent Wins by Tusa Calves

Congratulations to Tusa Clients on their recent wins! Most recently, last week Tusa calves were Grand Champion Steer at Milam County, Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Steers at Nacogdoches County, and Grand Champion Steer at the Trinity-Neches Show.

It's also been a banner week for several of our clients that are high school seniors this year. Sarah Nedbalek...Sarah won Reserve Charolais Steer at the Star of Texas last week! Chadley Box...Although not pictured here, we also want to congratulate Chadley Box on winning his division with his Charolais heifer at the Star of Texas.

Kevin Doonan... Congratulations to Kevin on winning his division at Houston with his Charolais heifer. Way to go Kevin!

Joelle Foster... Congratulations to Joelle on winning Reserve Chianina at the Star of Texas. Great job Joelle!!!

Keep up the good work everyone! We are proud of your success!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Success at Houston!

Congratulations to all of our Houston exhibitors!
We had at great run at the 2010 Houston Livestock Show, with a numerous amount of steers making the sale.
Pictured below are just a few of this years highlights.............

Reserve Champion Angus Steer
Exhibited by Hannah Franklin

Reserve Champion Simmental Steer
Exhibited by the Gant Family

Class 3 AOB Champion Steer

Exhibited by Tyler Vrazel

Not Pictured:

Class 3 Simbrah Champion Steer

Exhibited by Cole Daniels

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

High Stakes Sale - More Sale Pictures

Tag 463
Johnny Walker Red x Simm/Maine
Late July
Great Prospecting one and Fort Worth calf for Middle Weight Division

Tag 469
Smooth Sailing x Angus

Real Good – Fort Worth Angus

Tag 458
Brangus x Maine
Late July

American for Fort Worth or San Antonio
Tag 452
Heat Wave x Sandman/Witch Doctor

But he will be there in the end - hold me to it…

Tag 448
Unforgiven x WD40
Late September
Limousin Slick Sheer Champion
Tag 446
Heat Wave x Angus
Angus Slick Sheer Champion
Tag 429
Cadillac Jack x Maine
Late August
Stout Featured – goes haired or slick

Tag 440
Maine Cleanup x Angus
Early August
Red Angus Champion

Tag 436
Monopoly x Strictly Business
Late July
Awesome Fort Worth (defines COMPLETE!)

Tag 425
Killer Instinct x Maine
Late August
Great Fort Worth Calf – will win Prospect Shows

High Stakes Sale Pictures - Round 1

This is a portion of the cattle featured in the High Stakes sale. We are currently taking pictures of the remaining sale cattle which will be posted later today. Call or email us if you have any questions!
Tag 443
Frank the Tank x Hoo Doo Char
Slick Sheer Champion

Tag 467
Heat Wave x Hannibal
This one can go haired or slick and
would make awesome slick shearing one.
We think this one may be the most powerful on the wash rack!
Tag 466
Eyes on the Money x Maine Angus
Late September
Will Make an Awesome Slick Sheer Limousin
Tag 464
Special Agent x Hereford
Will make a Slick Sheer Champion at Houston
If I could find them built like this, I'd buy truckloads!

Tag 455
Devils Advocate x Gert
Late August
Unbelievable Slick Sheer Gert
I challenge you to find one more complete!

Tag 454
Heat Wave x Full Flush
Late September
He may be super green but he has loads of potential
Will make a great light weight at Fort Worth
and will be as hairy as they get!

Tag 453
Smokin Meyer x Maine Angus
Early September
Tremendous Slick Sheer Simmental or
Wins January County Slick Show

Tag 451
B & T (HW Son) x Angus
Awesome Fort Worth Angus

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sale Pictures Coming Soon!

The weather was awesome today and we finally had some sunshine to start taking pictures of sale cattle. We pictured about 10 head today and will finish up tomorrow. Our plans are to get the pictures we've made thus far posted tonight on the blog and the rest up tomorrow afternoon. We'll also post all sale pictures on the website along with a sale sheet with additional information.

Thanks for your patience - we promise it will be worth the wait...this is the deepest group of fall and summer borns we've ever offered!