Monday, October 5, 2009

Family's First Big Win...Tyler County 2009

Billy Foxworth told me that although this is only their second year with steers, his family has "never made the sale, much less won a class at their county fair". And this year, their steer from Tusa Show Cattle won the whole show! That was quite a win for their family and we were all very excited for them.

Here's a clip from the evening's show:

The Foxworth's purchased two steers from us this year, one which received Grand Champion Steer honors at Tyler County Fair last Friday night, while the other steer was selected as Third Overall in the Sale Order. Billy had tough luck last year, but he, Krista and the girls got to work this year. They attended one of the day camps we had and were extremely efficient on keeping up with feed schedules and reports to us every six weeks. This made a huge difference and it proved true Friday night. Emily and Morgan did an awesome job getting the calves presented and Emily went on to win Champion Junior Steer Showman. It just goes to show how showmanship makes the big difference.

Way to go Billy and family!

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