Tuesday, January 19, 2010

County Show Time

Wow it has been a busy past week as we have been hustling around to many of the county shows that our clients have had! We have had a good run which includes...Reserve Exotic at Mills County, Grand & Reserve Steers at Dimmitt County, Reserve Steer at Kendall County, Grand Steer at Lubbock County, Reserve Steer at Haskell County, Reserve Steer at Yoakum County and probably more that we failed to mention!

Here's a neat article about the Reserve Steer at Yoakum County shown by Miss Kaci Herman. Kaci is just the sweetest little girl. She attended one of our day camps last summer and was just a pleasure to have. She wasn't quite sure about her steer, "Mike", and kept telling us that he was a little mean. We informed her to make sure she let Mike know that she was the boss, not him and this little girl got ahold of Mike and they were just quite the pair! Needless to say, the calf ended up being gentle as a puppy dog and it sounds like it was a great experience for her first year. She was very excited receive this big win at her county show and here's the link for a neat article about her...

Thanks to all of these families for their business and congratulations on your success this past week and weekend! Best of luck to many more families on their upcoming county shows over the next week - you guys are all keeping us quite busy!!

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