Wednesday, March 3, 2010

High Stakes Sale - More Sale Pictures

Tag 463
Johnny Walker Red x Simm/Maine
Late July
Great Prospecting one and Fort Worth calf for Middle Weight Division

Tag 469
Smooth Sailing x Angus

Real Good – Fort Worth Angus

Tag 458
Brangus x Maine
Late July

American for Fort Worth or San Antonio
Tag 452
Heat Wave x Sandman/Witch Doctor

But he will be there in the end - hold me to it…

Tag 448
Unforgiven x WD40
Late September
Limousin Slick Sheer Champion
Tag 446
Heat Wave x Angus
Angus Slick Sheer Champion
Tag 429
Cadillac Jack x Maine
Late August
Stout Featured – goes haired or slick

Tag 440
Maine Cleanup x Angus
Early August
Red Angus Champion

Tag 436
Monopoly x Strictly Business
Late July
Awesome Fort Worth (defines COMPLETE!)

Tag 425
Killer Instinct x Maine
Late August
Great Fort Worth Calf – will win Prospect Shows

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